About Touriosity

Chris Torres
Chris Torres – The Creator of Touriosity

During Covid, I spoke to over 80 tour operators from across the globe and one thing became abundantly clear: there was a need for change within the industry. Operators who rely on OTAs, Travel Agents, or other platforms to generate the bulk of their sales have been hit the hardest during these challenging times. Small tour operators simply can’t afford to pay 20-40% commission to these platforms. This is why Touriosity was created.

Welcome to Touriosity — an OTA done right.

About Chris Torres

Chris Torres has 26 years’ experience working in brand development and marketing, and he’s spent the last 14 years running his own company, Tourism Marketing Agency. His mission is a simple but challenging one: to educate the tour, activity and travel sector on how to better acquire customers and grow their business through direct bookings.

Chris speaks at many tourism events worldwide, offering advice and guidance on how travel, tourism and destination businesses can gain brand recognition and increase bookings.

Over 90% of Chris’ customers come from outside the UK (where he is based), working with some of the biggest players in the industry. This knowledge of international markets gives Chris and his team unique insight into how destination businesses should market themselves internationally.

Chris is also the author of the best-selling book, ‘How to Turn your Online Lookers into Bookers’, a brand and marketing book aimed at tour operators looking to grow their brand. Download the online version for free here and join the 5000+ operators who have gained real, practical insights into growing their business.

Chris and his team also created the Coronavirus Marketing Battle Plan to help operators during this difficult time. This is also available for free.Chris’ aim is to grow the tour and activity sector.  He offers a lot of his advice for free on his video and audio podcast, The Digital Tourism Show, which contains over 200 episodes and counting.

Why Touriosity?

Touriosity has been a brand and idea Chris has been thinking about for the last 2 years and it was always something he wanted to launch when the time was right.

Finally, we feel the time is right. With so many businesses struggling because of the effects of Covid, being sick and tired of paying high commission rates, not having their brand at the fore of the customers that they serve.

This platform has been created for you, the tour operator, the experience deliverer, the dream maker, the business owner who works their ass off to generate revenue and grow their business. We don’t want anyone on Touriosity to worry about having their margin’s cut so much that they make next to no profit. Touriosity was created to drive direct bookings to you… no one else.

To make Touriosity a success, we need operators, many of them. Don’t think of us ‘another OTA’… we are more than that. We are all part of a marketing consortium — one that is there to promote everyone on our platform. The more operators we have, the more exposure everyone receives.

This is YOUR OTA. Let’s make it work for you.