Frequently Asked Questions


Should I stop all my other OTA channels?

No. Not for now at least. It would not make sense for you to come onto our platform and suddenly stop your other revenue streams, but through time we hope you rely on them less and grow your direct bookings.

When will a demo be ready?

We are looking to showcase a demo during a webinar by the end of June. Register your interest to be notified when this is available.

How can the platform only be $150/$100 per year? This can’t be right?

It is. As we run a marketing agency we can fold in some of the costs into our current team and structure. This allows us to maximise our skill set while keeping the costs down.

Can I use my current reservation system?

Yes we can and this is our preferred option as we wish to keep your current availability and payment structure. We will need to check that your system provides widgets or some way to embed your availability calendar onto our platform.

I do not wish to use a RESERVATION system so Will you allow or take payments on the system yourself?

We are hoping to partner up with select reservation systems to give you a platform to make this happen. We would rather not handle your money but it is an option open to us. This will require further discussions with those concerned on how this is handled and things like cancellation policies.

I only wish to take enquires rather than bookings, is this possible?

Very much so. Your product page would have an enquiry form that would send this to you.

Are there any hidden costs?

If it is not on our pricing page it does not exist. You will need to pay your existing reservation system and/or card processing fees with them.

If we do manage payments for some, card processing fees would be implemented but we are trying to avoid this.

Can I pay more to have more tours listed?

This is something we are considering. Please check out our discussion on this topic here.

Can I pay more to have my products marketed more?

This is something we are considering. Please check out our discussion on this topic here.

Will this work for multi-day tours as well as day tours?

Yes it will, even if you only provide bespoke tours that require your customer to enquire only.