How You Can Support Local Tour Businesses

Supporting local tour businesses has never been more important. As the travel industry tries to recover from a complete standstill, small businesses around the world are struggling the most. And the global travel industry consists mostly of small businesses.

You can be the difference. Keep the experience alive while satisfying your curiosity about other places and experiences. Choose Touriosity.

100% of your booking payment goes to the local business

When you book a tour through Touriosity, the entire payment you make goes directly to the tour operator. We take zero commission.

While we all recognize the big names like TripAdvisor and, did you know that those large online booking sites take 20% or more of what you pay when you book anything?

That percentage could really help the tour operator who comes up with the interesting tour ideas, does the in-depth research, invests in the best equipment, and then ensures that your experience is the best it possibly can be.

It’s great to have those big online platforms available to get inspiration and find out what’s possible for your holidays. But, when it comes to booking, don’t you want to support the local operator who does all the hard work and fosters a real connection with you?

We do. And that’s why we created Touriosity.

Keep the experience alive

We don’t want to imagine a world where unique experiences and individual connections are lost between people. We can’t fathom a travel industry where all the small operators — those enthusiastic ambassadors of places and experiences — struggle to be able to share their passion with visitors.

Those are life-changing moments we experience when we cross borders and share time with people in other places. They bring us all closer together.

When travel came to a halt, the world craved connection like never before. We thrive on those moments of cultural exchange; we are all better people when we share our knowledge and our experiences with each other.

So as we start to rebuild and to get back out there…remember that need for connection. Don’t forget the lessons we learned when we were all separated and stationary.

Think of this as our collective second-chance.

Touriosity was created to help small local tourism businesses to survive and to grow in a post-Covid world.

When you book a tour or activity through Touriosity, you’re actively choosing to support those passionate people who make our travels so special. You’re deciding to invest in the small business owner who cares so deeply about your experience in that destination.

Those tour operators are the ones who make our vacations magical; they are the face of the places we visit.

Booking with Tourioisty is a personal statement to declare your support for small businesses everywhere.

Give 100% to your tour operator of choice…you can be sure they’ll give you 110% of their effort to make your experience everything it can be.

Browse our tours and experiences by city, by region/state, or by country. Support the passionate people who enrich the travel industry while satisfying your curiosity. Choose Touriosity.

How Touriosity Works

Touriosity provides a platform to showcase the tours, activities, and attractions that are on offer around the world. To ensure the quality of all of the experiences, we verify that every tour and experience operator listed on Touriosity has 4- or 5-star reviews.

When you book or enquire with Touriosity, you do so directly with the tour operator. Unlike many other online booking platforms, there is no ‘middle-man’. We take zero commission from your booking and you always deal directly with the tour operator.

This allows you to ask questions, clarify details, and manage your booking with the people who actually know about your tour.

Since Touriosity also does not process payments or manage the bookings, the operator can provide you with the best personalised service possible. There’s no global, impersonal system here, your booking is tailored to your needs and the operator’s service.

We will never compete against the tour operators we seek to help; we made it our mission to give back to the tours and activity sector by making Touriosity a non-profit organisation.

Welcome to Touriosity — We’re helping to keep the experience alive.