Addis Ababa

Check out the Addis Ababa tours and activities here at Touriosity. Addis Ababa is the vibrant capital city of Ethiopia; it is the cultural and economic hub of the city, with a lot of treasures for visitors to experience if they know where to look. Addis Ababa is famous for its copper-domed Holy Trinity Cathedral and its collection of early hominid art. Addis Ababa is often called ‘the political capital of Africa’ as it does a lot of diplomatic work to pull the various African nations together. Booking your Addis Ababa tour or activity with Touriosity allows you to support the local tour operators as we never charge a commission. This means that all of your money goes to the local businesses. If you’re looking for more great African cities to visit, check out our Khartoum tours and our tours in Cape Town.

Indulgence & Luxury Tour

Ethiopia & Kenya – The Cradle Of Humanity

22 Days
Addis Ababa
Commencing in Addis Ababa, fly to the border region of Ethiopia and Sudan, meet our expedition team and head into the Omo Valley.