Browse our tours in Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. Located about 85km from the current capital of Bangkok, Ayutthaya offers so much history and culture to explore! Take a guided tour to learn more about this important city in Thailand. We’ll continue to add tours to Touriosity, so be sure to check back for more. And, when you book a tour through our platform, you’re also choosing to support local tour businesses! As a non-profit, we take zero commission on your booking payment. Support even more local businesses when you travel. Take a look at the rest of our Thailand tours or browse our Vietnam tours for more inspiration.

Ayutthaya Day Tour
Attractions & Museums

Ayutthaya Day Tour

1 Day
Visit the old capital of Ayutthaya, and join us on a journey back in time to see the old splendor of the Kingdom of Thailand.