Check out the tours and experiences in Bled, Slovenia. Bled is a picturesque town at the foot of the Julian Alps, alongside the equally impressive Lake Bled. Tourists and locals alike come from all over Slovenia and neighbouring countries to visit Bled (and Lake Bled). Alongside the breathtaking natural beauty of the lake and the the alps, you’ll notice Bled’s impressive Slovenian architecture — not least is the 11-century Bled Castle, which is guaranteed to wow even the most well-travelled visitors. Touriosity is dedicated to helping local tourism communities by ensuring that all of your money goes to supporting the incredible tour operators that make travel so special. If you’re interested in Bled, you might also like to check out our broader range of Slovenia tours and perhaps our tours in Croatia.

Slovenia: Julian Alps Peaks
Adventure Tour

Slovenia: Julian Alps Peaks

8 days
A superb walk through the Julian Alps, Slovenia’s highest mountains. In the northwestern corner of Slovenia, close to Austria and Italy.