Responsible Adventures

Responsible Adventures is an environmentally sensitive trekking organization designed to improve, protect, and preserve the Himalayan mountain ranges’ environment. An organization for the 21st century, we are leaders in the organization of ecological mountain treks. Responsible Adventures was created and developed by an environmentally and culturally conscious Raj. He has a team of Trek leaders with several decades of experience, each leading treks throughout the Himalayas. All of the had team members worked for some of the most prominent and reputed adventure travel companies throughout their professional careers.

All Responsible Adventures employees have many years of trekking and mountaineering experience and actively promote the protection and ecological use of the Himalayas’ fragile environment. The Himalayas is home to most of our team, and they wish to share its natural beauty and culture with trekkers and other guests. We strive to instil respect for these sacred mountain ranges while preserving their historic surroundings, people, and culture. We aim to make a difference.