Central Ballard Brewery Tour

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Seattle Brewery Walking Tours

For beer enthusiasts, Seattle Brewery Walking Tours is a brewery tour that explores the genuine Seattle micro-brewery community. Unlike large bus tours or asking your Uber driver where to get a good beer, we offer a relaxing guided tour and beer tasting that connects with the local breweries and the neighborhood. As a result, you will learn about the history and uniqueness of Seattle micro-breweries, experience hand tailored tastings and learn about each brewery’s distinctive beer styles, and enjoy a nice walk with some amazing people.

  • 3.5 Hours
  • 3 Breweries
  • Seattle, Washington

In the center of the highest concentration of craft breweries in the world, three amazing breweries stand out. We will taste 12 beers that range from old world classics, such as Czech style Pilsners and old English Ales, to contemporary Northwest IPAs and experimental beers. The exact line-up of beers changes for each tour because each season has its own unique styles. During the summer we may try a refreshing Lager, a wheat beer or a sour ale flavored with local fruit. The fall brings Oktoberfest lagers, pumpkin spiced ales and fresh hopped IPAs. During the winter we may find a Christmas spiced Old English Ale or a Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout, while the Spring favors strong Bocks or a refreshing Kölsh. For each guided tasting we will learn about the different beer styles, what to look for when you are tasting beer, the history of beer, and the craft brewing renaissance in the Pacific Northwest. For example we’ll learn how an obscure export ale for British soldiers was reborn in the Pacific Northwest to become the most popular craft beer style in North America or how a small Czech town gave its name to one of the world’s most popular beer styles.


Reuben’s Brews Tap Room

5010 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

You are responsible for transportation to the brewery 



Obec Brewing

1144 NW 52nd St, Seattle, WA 98107 

You will be responsible for your own transportation.



  • 0.25 miles/500 steps
  • 3.5 Hours Approximate length of tour
  • Cicerone Guide Each guide a certified cicerone
  • 3 BreweriesReuben's, Peddler, Lagunitas
  • 4 Beer Flights Guided tasting at each brewery
  • Non-beer options For Teetotaler option
  • Souvenir GlassFree 4oz tasting glass
  • Souvenir Opener Bottle Key-Chain opener
  • Beer & Food Pairing Guide Informative brochure

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A thirst for beer & knowledge


Reuben’s Brews

Our tour begins at Reuben’s Brews, one of the neighborhood’s most popular spots. This brewery is truly a family affair. In fact, young Reuben was only a month old when his Dad and Mom opened the brewery that boasts his name. Let’s drop in and enjoy Reuben’s father’s handiwork.

Stoup Brewing

Stoup has that crazy, mixed-up Seattle, hipster, family vibe. The beer garden features a fire pit for those cool evenings and there is always something new and exciting on tap. Besides traditional styles and IPAs, you may find experimental beers and old world beers you typically find only in Europe. Find out more about Stoup Brewing.

Obec Brewing

Our final stop is Ballard’s newest micro-brewery. Obec is a Czech word (pronounced “O-Betz”) meaning “community” and their ideal is to build community around beer. You will feel right at home with their traditional styles and cozy taproom. It is all about building community around Obec, and making the world a better place through beer. We will also get a look at the brewing process.


$70 (with discounts for seniors and non-drinkers.)