Cycling through the Bohemian Paradise

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We are a team of Dutch and Czech with more than 50 years of experience in organizing active holidays in the Czech Republic for Dutch and Belgians. Since 2000 we have been the absolute number 1 in active trips to the Czech Republic. In addition to individual walking and cycling trips, we organize a wide range of outdoor and fun activities. In most situations you can opt for your own transport, but we also offer the option of (local) transfers. We have a number of our own accommodations at top locations and we also work together with both budget accommodations and luxury hotels.

  • 7 Days
  • Bike Tour
  • Czech Republic

Cycling through the Bohemian Paradise: the historic “Golden Route” and the Jizera Greenway

The Czech name for Golden Route is Zlatá stezka . The “Golden Route” through Bohemian Paradise is very “appropriately” marked in the field with the color red. This route takes you past all the highlights of the protected landscape park. Bohemian Paradise has been a Protected Landscape since 1995, CHKO in Czech. The term Bohemian Paradise is also used for the entire region, which lies between the places Jičín, Sobotka Mnichovo Hradiště, Kopanina, Železný Brod and Lomnice nad Popelkou. The Bohemian Paradise got its name around 1870 from the often well-to-do guests of the then world famous ‘Spa Sedmihorky’. Gradually, the name was picked up by the locals.

Price Includes

  • 6 nights based on bed and breakfast in family rooms / multi-person rooms with private facilities.
  • The overnight stays are in *** hotels and good ** hotels on a bed and breakfast basis. During the tour you will sleep in various hotels / guesthouses along the route. The first and last night in Jicín you will sleep in the same hotel, where your car can also stay.
  • Bicycle map (topographic map 1: 50,000)
  • Detailed itinerary and various suggestions for additional cycling tours (gpx format available)
  • Telephone support and personal assistance if needed
  • SGR guarantee

Price Excludes

  • Surcharge single room and double room
  • Rent bicycle (s) with helmet and small bicycle bags
  • Luggage transport

More Information

Baggage transfers or train partial routes
Baggage transfers are possible but not strictly necessary.

Tip: there is a regular train connection between Sobotka – Jičín – Turnov, which you could use if you don’t want to cycle on certain days for whatever reason. The bicycle is allowed on the train. The train rides are cheap and such a train ride is quite an experience in itself 🙂 Sometimes there is even a real steam train for tourists in the summer!

Especially for e-bikes
This tour can be done with a trekking bike, e-bike or mountain bike. You can bring your own equipment or you can rent an e-bike, trekking bike or mountain bike from us. Do you want to drive more kilometers? For the owners of ebikes or for cycling enthusiasts who simply want to make more kilometers, we have developed a variant of this tour where you travel at least 50 km per day. See ebike tour through the Bohemian Paradise .

Child-friendly variant
For families with children we have developed a variant of this tour in which you cycle shorter distances and where you also stay several nights at the same accommodation where you can do fun family activities such as canoeing, scooters (downhill) and climbing. We are happy to make a custom proposal for families.

Day-to-day program
The tour lasts 7 days, 6 nights. There are 5 full cycling days. In total you cover 160 km, so on average about 30 km per day. The overnight stays are in comfortable ** / *** hotels. Upgrade to *** / **** hotels is possible. The number of kilometers to be cycled can easily be increased or decreased by making adjustments to the route. During the tour you will spend the night in various hotels / guesthouses along the route. The first and the last night in Jičín you will sleep in the same hotel, where your car can also stay.

One or more possible overnight stays in unique castle hotels if you choose the upgrade variant!


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Day 1On the Trail of Graaf Wallenstein

Arrival and check-in at a hotel in the center of the town of Jičín. It is worthwhile to see the center and perhaps climb the tower if it is open. You do need to have some cash with you for the access card.

The town of Jičín is the gateway to the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve. The city had its “golden age” in the first half of the 17th century during the reign of Albrecht z Valdštejna (Albrecht von Wallenstein, Czech count and general). He had great intentions in developing this area and this city. He built his residence here on the square. His death brought an end to his grand plans.

Overnight: Jičín
Distance: 0 km

Day 2Wander Through a 'stone' City

The first cycling tour immediately connects a number of tourist highlights of the Bohemian Paradise. From Jičín you cycle to the “stone” town of Prachov with sandstone rocks on the surface of 190 hectares. It is more than worth it to park your bike for a few hours and to take a walk through the Prachov rocks . The entrance is about three Euros, the walking routes vary from about 2 km to 5 km, for the short route you have to take at least 1.5 hours.

Also close to the route are a number of small lakes (Oborský rybník) surrounded by forests and rocks, it is a favorite area for campers. You can take a swimming break when the weather is nice. There are plenty of drinks and fast food available at very friendly prices.

From the route you will see the basalt hill Vysker (464 m) and eventually you will reach the friendly town of Turnov, the heart of the Bohemian Paradise. This city was founded in the year 1250 and is beautifully situated on the river Jizera. In the vicinity of Turnov there are numerous sites of semi-precious stones, through which traditional handicrafts (stone cutting, jewelry making) developed. On the main square in Turnov is a jeweler where you can view and buy all kinds of beautiful gemstones jewelry . There is also a museum dedicated to semi-precious stones. Definitely worth taking a look.

Overnight: Turnov or Hrubá Skála
Distance: 33.86 km
Climbing: 420 m
Descent: 430 m

Day 3On To the Medieval Castle or The Jizera Greenway

A tough yet beautiful bike ride leads past the museum farm Dlaskův statek with an exhibition of rural life. From here you have to climb a lot to the castle ruins Frýdštejn, but that makes sense: the castle was of course in a difficult to reach place.A few kilometers further up you can climb the Kopanina lookout tower and you can see the deep valley where you just passed the farm cycled. Then you can descend to the valley of the river Jizera to Malá Skála. A picturesque village surrounded by rocks. From your accommodation you have a beautiful view to the church Pantheon on the rock cliff.

Overnight: Malá Skála
Distance: 17.89 km
Climbing: 490 m
Descent: 473 m

The alternative route follows the Jizera Greenway: a light pleasant route along the Jizera River on newly constructed cycle routes.

Distance: 11.11 km
Climbing: 100 m
Descent: 59 m

Day 4 Rest Day or River Chase

Today you can take a rest day or the longest stage of this week awaits you. You first cycle through the river valley of the Jizera (Jizera Greenway no. 17) through all kinds of villages and towns. A well-known town on the route is Železný Brod, known as the center of the glass industry. Only at the point where the rivers Jizera and Kamenice converge you leave the valley and cycle into the hills. You go up and down alternately. If you want to reach the highest mountain in the Bohemian Paradise Kozákov (744 m), you have to pedal hard. Note: this part of the route is really steep, keep this in mind. But the beautiful view tens of kilometers away is definitely worth it! Kozákov is also a site of precious stones. You will descend again to Malá Skála, on the way you will pass the rock complex Chléviště.

Overnight: Malá Skála
Distance: 45.74 km or rest day
Climbing: 1002 m
Descent: 1002 m

Day 5'Old Witch' and 'Fair Virgin' Dominant

First you cycle in the direction of the city of Turnov and a few kilometers further on you visit the castle ruins Valdštejn, which stands on a rocky cliff. You can only see remains of the castle, but the sandstone church and bridge have been beautifully preserved. The next sight on the route is Hrubá Skála Castle, nowadays a hotel and restaurant. From the tower of the castle you can already see the next castle ruin: Trosky. From the castle with one thick (the Old Witch) and one thin tower (the Fair Virgin), the rulers had control over the entire area in the past. Today they are the symbol of the area.

Overnight: Prachov
Distance: 35.47km or rest day
Climbing: 641 m
Descent: 518 m

Day 6 Over the Hill

Today you leave the forests and rock complexes and largely cycle through open countryside. In the village of Rovensko pod Troskami you can view the so-called rebel bells, the bells hang upside down. Today’s topper is the Tábor hill with a chapel above it. From this point you can see the wide surroundings. Just before the town of Jičín you will pass a large monastery complex, built by Count Albrecht z Valdštejna (Albrecht von Wallenstein). From here you walk through a double linden avenue that will lead you to the center of the city. The avenue was also planted by Count Wallenstein, after all the road to his seat had to be stately.

Overnight: Jičín
Distance: 38 km, shortening is possible
Climbing: 660 m
Descent: 789 m

Day 7Departure

Return home after breakfast or extend with… a stay in Prague?

Tip: the route can be made lighter or heavier, a rest day or part by bike on the train. The number of kilometers to be cycled can easily be increased or decreased by making adjustments to the route.

Overnight: none
Daily total: none