The Wildlife of Pantanal Wetlands

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    We design and operate exclusive travel stories set in the astonishing geographic variety of the country and invite you to be the protagonists. We want to help you create your own path full of memorable anecdotes. We love our country and want to share our passion for it with those who want to discover the authenticity of Brazil.

    • 12 Days
    • Brazil

    Home to tropical forests and deep, winding rivers; Brazil is alive with an eye-widening portfolio of natural habitats, which in turn shelter countless wildlife species, and a great number of these can be found in the Pantanal wetlands. Nature lovers will be awestruck by the incredible flora and fauna that thrive here in this watery haven, and the scope for safaris is matched by opportunities to delve into flooded forests, sweeping plateaus, caves, waterfalls and lakes.

    Where you will visit

    North Pantanal

    The Pantanal is the world’s largest continental wetland. There are approximately 210,000 km2 divided into north and south over territories of Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. Most of this flat land lies in Brazil. The North Pantanal is a privileged region, concentrating all types of landscape that make up its ecosystem. The natural beauty and the rich biodiversity of this part of the Pantanal form a differentiated set by the uniqueness of its scenery formed by hills, savannas, rivers, corixos, and huge flooded areas, some temporary and others permanent.

    South Pantanal

    For those who like that farm environment, with food cooked on the wood stove, and a lot of nature, South Pantanal is the ideal place! Due to its geological profile that provides a water flow, the Pantanal has two distinct seasons annually: the dry season and the full season. It is considered one of the richest places in biodiversity in the world. This ecosystem has the highest density of wildlife in the Americas, being compared to the savannas of Africa. A scenario considered a real open sky zoo. Tours, lodging, and meals showcase the best of Pantanal nature and culture delighting all tastes!


    The South Mato Grosso paradise has a name and it responds to “Bonito” (beautiful), a nomenclature which fits in perfectly with what you find in the small town. An unforgettable destination where nature lovers will find the most varied scenarios to delight eyes, mind and body. Swimming with fish of various species, walk on trails, observe animals in their natural habitat, rappel down a cave, ride a horse, take a waterfall bath and admire amazing landscapes are some – only some – of the things to do in town. It’s amazing the amount of attractions in such a small space!


    Pousada Rio Claro

    Pocone, Mato Grosso

    The Pousada Rio Claro is located in one of the regions most privileged by the natural beauty of the Pantanal . This hostel in the Pantanal is integrated into the water cycle, in perfect harmony with the forests , to provide you and your family unforgettable moments with nature. The Pousada Rio Claro offers diverse fauna and lush flora. Lakes, ponds, rivers and corixos transform according to the volume of rainfall, thus creating amazing and varied scenery . Among the beauties, we have the wonderful river, which gives its name to the Inn, the Rio Claro , where we can watch the sunriseAlong with the dawn of the birds and a lush sunset, with the curfew animals.

    In our Inn, you can also observe and admire the local biodiversity , enjoying a rustic and cozy structure , consisting of spacious apartments with air conditioning, adapted apartments for people with special needs, a restaurant with self-service, swimming pool, room TV, kiosk for games, deck ecological fishing, souvenir shop, wireless Internet and more . Our tour is completely focused on environmental preservation , so we have activities that enable this complementary nature with nature, while maintaining respect and awareness as a base.

    Hotel Pantanal Norte (Porto Jofre)

    Cuiabá, Mato Grosso

    Since 1984 this pioneer and unique hotel, located at the very end of the famous Transpantaneira Park Road, km 145, on the Cuiabá river banks, inthe region of Porto Jofre. The Pantanal Norte Hotel is also known as Jamil’s Hotel.

    With tradition and experience in the Pantanal lowlands, the hotel puts together an excellent infra structure along with preservation and respect for the local biodiversity.

    The Pantanal Norte Hotel offers, besides the famous sports fishing, the best of ecotourism. It is rich in birdwatching as well as observation of jaguars and mammals.

    Pousada Piuval

    Poconé, Mato Grosso

    The Pousada Piuval, is located 110km from Cuiabá and 10km from Poconé – MT. It is the first inn of the Transpantaneira Route. It has an area of 7,000 hectares, and one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Pantanal. Here we find a diversified flora and fauna, where the visitor can observe and admire its biodiversity.


    The Pousada Piuval is committed to the environment by adopting sustainable practices for the preservation of fauna and flora, such as: intensive wastewater treatment system, Water Treatment Station System, Water Reuse System in the handwash, shower and air conditioning waters reusing them in the toilets, collection and reuse of fluvial waters, selective collection and separation of inorganic and organic waste, giving correct and safe destination for the environment and for all interested parties, recycling fat oil for replacement by liquid soap, showers with solar heating, automatic locks in sink faucets, lighting with LED lamps in common areas with movement sensors.

    VERY SOON, all energy efficiency of the inn will be produced by a solar plant with photovoltaic panels that will produce 80 KWP of energy per month.

    Pousada Aguape

    Pantanal de Aquidauana, Mato Grosso Do Sul

    Pousada Aguape – Area belonging to the same family for over 150 years. Since 1989, they diversified their activities, continuing to livestock, working on ecological tourism and fishing and supporting projects such as the Hyacinth Macaw Project and Organic Farming.

    Located in a rich area covered by native vegetation of the Pantanal, merged with savannah vegetation, bays (lakes), corixos, and the river Aquidauana with lush riparian forest, enabling the visitor at any time of year, in full or in dry season, to discover the richness of the Pantanal.

    Great environment for birdwatchers (over 300 species already registered).

    Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito

    Bonito, Mato Grosso Do Sul

    Feel a sense of freedom when you stay at the best hotel in Bonito! Offering the most beautiful and the best we have, the Hotel Pousada Águas de Bonito is the ideal place for you and your family during all year. Come enjoy the best structure and lush nature in one place.

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    Day 1Cuiabá- North Pantanal (Transpantaneira)

    Airport arrival to Cuiabá and transfer to the Pantanal region along the Transpantaneira Highway. This stimulating safari through the Pantanal Wetlands will have us getting up close to some truly spectacular species, here in the world’s largest flooded lowlands. This extraordinary reserve is heaving with all manner of creatures, from endless birdlife to fish and mammals such as Caimans, Capybaras and even Jaguars, so we’ll seek to spy on as many as possible during this exciting expedition. We will stay in a fazenda, typical farms, where we’ll spend three days in direct contact with nature.

    Night at the Pousada Rio Claro | Standard Room.

    Included: regular arrival transfer & activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 2North Pantanal (Transpantaneira - Porto Jofre)

    After breakfast we’ll make an early tour to watch dawn. Then we will enjoy a boat excursion by Claro River in search for birds and other animals. After lunch and checking out we transfer to a fazenda located in the middle of the region of Porto Jofre where we’ll have dinner.

    Night at the Hotel Pantanal Norte (Porto Jofre) | Standard Room.

    Included: regular transport & activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 3North Pantanal (Porto Jofre)

    We will spend the full day in search of the jaguar. Boat trips provide an excellent opportunity to view giant river otters up-close. This is often a highlight of visitors’ trips to Brazil. In the dry season, we occasionally see jaguars on the exposed beaches of the rivers – a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Other wildlife commonly seen on the river are capybara and caiman. Birds frequently encountered include kingfishers, egrets, storks, herons and terns. We will spend morning and late afternoon outings by motorboat to explore the rivers and streams. The Cuiabá River and the Piquirí River are the main two routes that we search intensively for Jaguars, Giant Otters, Brazilian Tapirs, Black-and-Gold Howler Monkeys, Brown Capuchin Monkeys, Yellow Anacondas, Black Skimmers, Hyacinth Macaws, Red-and-Green Macaws, Capybaras, Paraguayan Caimans, and other wildlife species. Additionally we search smaller side channels as water levels permit.

    Night at the Hotel Pantanal Norte (Porto Jofre) | Standard Room.

    Included: regular speedboat tour (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 4North Pantanal (Porto Jofre - Transpantaneira)

    After breakfast we’ll leave again to start another stage of the Jaguar tour. After lunch and checkout we will transfer to another fazenda located in a different region of the Transpantaneira. Check-in at the fazenda and dinner.

    Night at Pousada Piuval | Suite Luxo Room.

    Included: regular speedboat tour (shared with other travellers), regular transport (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 5North Pantanal (Transpantaneira)

    Today we will join activities to discover the best wildlife and landscapes representations of the area. We will make the most of this day starting from sunrise until nighttime, participating in different activities, such as contemplative walks, a stroll at dawn, a jeep safari through the Transpantaneira, bird watching and horseback riding, watch the spectacular sunset of the Pantanal and more. And at night we can go out to observe the animals with a long-range lens, taking advantage of the fact that this is the best time to see them, since they go out in search of their food.

    Night at Pousada Piuval | Suite Luxo Room.

    Included: regular activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 6North Pantanal - Cuiabá - Campo Grande - South Pantanal

    In the morning, check out and transfer to the airport of Cuiabá for departure to Campo Grande.

    Airport arrival in Campo Grande, where we transfer to the Pantanal of Miranda, where flooded areas facilitate de animal observation. Our pousada is located in a privileged area with a large variety of fauna and flora.

    Night at the Pousada Aguapé | Standard Room.

    Included: breakfast, regular departure transfer (shared with other travellers) with private English Speaking guide, private arrival transfer with private English Speaking guide, dinner (drinks not included), accommodation

    Days 7 & 8South Pantanal

    During these days we will carry out different activities around our pousada. We will discover the landscape that surrounds us and its natural phenomena doing boat trips on the Aquidauana river and nearby streams. We can also go horseback riding through the fields and forests, canoe riding, hiking trails and car trips along the roads and paths of the region. It will be an adventure full of possibilities to discover the beauty that surrounds us.

    Night at the Pousada Aguapé | Standard Room.

    Included: regular activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 9South Pantanal - Bonito

    In the morning we will enjoy the activities of the pousada. After lunch, we will transfer to Bonito, a small town worldwide famous for ecotourism. Its main attractions are the magnificent natural landscapes, especially water sceneries, with pristine rivers and great variety of life, where you can float down or go diving.

    Night at the Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito – Luxo Room.

    Included: regular activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, private transport, full Board (drinks not included), accommodation

    Day 10Bonito

    Gruta do Lago Azul (Regular Tour) – 1h40: In the morning, we leave the hotel towards the Gruta do Lago Azul, Bonito’s postcard and located 16km from the center. It is a contemplative and historical tour. For its beauty and fragility, the cave was declared a Natural Monument ensuring its preservation. We will start the tour with the delivery of helmets and instructions and then we go on a 250 meters walk on flat trail to the beginning of the nearly 300 steps staircase. The descent is made in parts with stops to contemplate the interior of the cave and listen to explanations about its formation and history. After about 40 minutes we get to the bottom of the cave and see a lake that delights our view with the waters’ intensely bluish tones and beautiful speleothems formed millions of years ago. We’ll be right next to the lake to admire it. This is the ideal ride for those who love the pleasure of discovery. The return is made by the same path.

    The use of closed shoes is mandatory.

    Buraco das Araras – 1h30 (Regular Tour): In the afternoon we’ll visit the Buraco das Araras. Amid the Cerrado we find a dolina (depression formed by landslides), a huge sandstone crater with 120m depth, diameter of 500m and its beauty and exuberance, which many birds, especially the Red Macaws, adopted as a natural habitat. From May to December is the breeding period of birds, so they remain mostly in the PRNP area, with very particular fauna and flora, its own ecosystem and a large pond inhabited by alligators. This is a unique experience where will get to be surprised by exotic and amazing natural phenomena and beauty.

    Night at the Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito – Luxo Room.

    Included: regular activities (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, entrance fees, room and breakfast

    Day 11Bonito

    Floatation (Snorkel) at Rio da Prata with lunch included (Regular Tour) – 4h: In the morning we leave the hotel bound for a fascinating tour that takes place amid various schools of fish in the Recanto Ecológico do Rio da Prata. When we get there we will receive guidance and equipment (mask, snorkel, life jacket, neoprene clothing and rubber sneaker – included). We will be surrounded by piraputangas, dourados, curimbatás, piaus, matogrossinhos and other fish in the area.
    On the way we will stop at Vulcão Olho d’Água, a place where we can snorkel to feel the water that flows from the bottom of the river until we meet with the Rio da Prata and follow the last stretch floating in water or on a support boat.
    After the tour we will have the rest of the afternoon free to relax and enjoy our final moments in destination.

    Night at the Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito – Luxo Room.

    Included: regular activity (shared with other travellers), private English Speaking guide, entrance fees, room and breakfast

    Day 12Bonito - Campo Grande

    Transfer from Bonito to Campo Grande airport.

    Included: private departure transfer only Driver (Portuguese speaking)