VIP Services: Dinner with Geisha

Cultural Tour

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    Kyoto Sights and Nights

    It took more than 8 years of study, research and receiving the right introductions to finally earn the trust of individuals, groups and various establishments to be able to create Kyoto Sights and Nights and offer you, the client, the most unique and enjoyable experiences in Kyoto. Let us manage the language problems and cultural differences for you so you can make the most of your time. We will show you the beauty and hidden charms of the city, night or day, that are either off the beaten path or simply off-limits to others.  We believe having great memories and unique experiences is what traveling is about.

    • 7:30pm to approx. 10:30pm
    • Private Tour
    • Kyoto, Japan

    You will begin with a walk lead by Peter MacIntosh lasting approximately 1 hour that will take you through streets lined with old wooden houses and hidden alleyways in Kyoto’s world-renowned geisha districts. While answering your questions, Peter will give you an insider’s view into the past, present and future of this unique and exotic world.

    Following the walk, you will have traditional dinner and drinks with two hours of maiko and geiko entertainment consisting of song and dance to the accompaniment of the shamisen, jovial conversation and traditional (drinking) games. You will also have a chance to ask questions about the geisha and their world (translated into English by Peter MacIntosh). This is a special night of food, drink, traditional entertainment, and great photo opportunities. So don’t forget to bring your camera.

    Meeting Point

    in front of the Minamiza Kabuki Theater.


    120,000 yen (approx. $1,200 U.S.) for 1 person.

    150,000 yen (approx. $1,500 U.S.) per group up to 4 persons.

    Groups over four: Please contact us for a quote. This is a private engagement, therefore we do not combine individuals or unrelated groups.

    What to Expect

    • A unique cultural experience in an ochaya with a relaxing atmosphere.
    • The finest quality food and drink.
    • Musical entertainment–singing and dancing.
    • Jovial conversation (interpreted by Peter MacIntosh).
    • Excellent photo opportunities.

    What Not to Expect

    • An intimate evening of romance, etc.
    • Physical contact of any kind. These women are not call girls, prostitutes, or hostesses, but traditional entertainers trained in the arts.


    Walk through the renowned geisha districts as the geiko/maiko make their way to and from their lessons.

    Light snacks and drinks with approx. 1 hour of maiko or geiko entertainment, including dance to
    prerecorded music and jovial conversation.

    Kaiseki dinner and drinks with maiko and geiko for approx. 2 hours.

    Geisha party in an ochaya/ryotei including song and dance to the accompaniment of the shamisen, jovial conversation and traditional (drinking) games.

    Customer Etiquette

    1. Long pants, long sleeve or polo shirt, socks and proper footwear (jacket and tie are optional). For women, because you will be sitting on the floor, short skirts are not advisable.

    2. Please do not at anytime ask to touch the hair/wigs or kimono of the maiko/geiko. The hair and wigs have been carefully set and must last for a week or more before the next setting. Kimonos are silk and therefore hands (no matter how clean they might be) are greasy and may stain the garment.

    3. This is a great photo opportunity. However, photos are to be taken only after asking permission. The number of photos taken is usually no problem but the geiko/maiko want you to enjoy their entertainment without looking through a lens throughout the whole engagement.

    4. Tipping (3,000/5,000/10,000 yen per geiko/maiko) is not required but if you want to do so, please let Peter know and he will prepare the proper envelope that will be handed over at the end of the evening to the entertainer(s). Handing over bare cash in considered impolite in Japan.

    Please Note

    This is not a photo session for semi-pro or professional photographers/film makers.  All images taken during the entertainment should be for personal use and are not to be sold or used professionally in anyway. No photos or video may be posted on the internet for public display i.e. personal websites, blogs, Youtube, etc.

    All fees are to be paid in cash (Japanese yen) or PayPal before the evening begins. A 50% cash deposit (by bank transfer) or credit card number may be required.

    If you have any special dietary needs i.e.: religious or medical, please inform us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Transportation to and from your hotel/ryokan is not included in the total cost of the evening.

    Please note that all services and times may vary due to weather conditions, availability of the geiko/maiko and or ochaya (tea houses) etc.